Austalk Corpus Licence Terms

Download licence as pdf here.

1. Use of the AusTalk Content

(a) These Licence Terms govern your use of the AusTalk Corpus (as defined below).

(b) By registering to use the AusTalk Corpus you agree to comply with these Licence Terms. If you do not agree to comply with the Licence Terms, you must not continue to use or reproduce the AusTalk Content

(c) The University of Western Sydney (ABN 53 014 069 881) controls the AusTalk Corpus. Throughout these Licence Terms, we, our and us means The University of Western Sydney (ABN 53 014 069 881). To view our contact details please see

2. Licence terms

(a) We grant you a non-transferable, royalty-free, non-exclusive licence to use and reproduce the audio recordings, video recordings and demographic data that make up the AusTalk Corpus, at our absolute discretion, for research and educational purposes, in accordance with these Licence Terms. This licence continues until terminated in accordance with these Licence Terms.

(b) We reserve the right to add or remove any AusTalk Content from the Site at any time at our discretion.

(c) You may reproduce the AusTalk Corpus on an "as-is" basis for research and educational purposes, whether commercial or non-commercial in nature, in accordance with the Terms.

(d) You will not use, reproduce, exploit or make available any AusTalk Corpus data in a manner that:

(i) is malicious, offensive, discriminatory, unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, tortious, defamatory, derogatory, obscene, libellous, invasive of another's privacy, hateful, sexist, ageist, homophobic or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable;

(ii) may cause alarm or distress to the participants depicted in the AusTalk Content;

(iii) harms minors in any way or constitutes abuse;

(iv) engages in or promotes any surveys, contests, pyramid schemes, chain letters, unsolicited e-mailing or spamming;

(v) promotes racism, bigotry, hatred, harassment or any kind of harm against any group or individual; or

(vi) is false, misleading or deceptive.

3. Your obligations

(a) You agree you will:

(i) comply with the Licence Terms with respect to the AusTalk Corpus; and

(b) You agree that you will not:

(i) Publish, sub-license, lease or sell the AusTalk Corpus including making the AusTalk Corpus publicly available by any means other than those sanctioned by the Licence Terms;

(ii) modify, edit, remix or make mash ups of any AusTalk Corpus datafor any purpose other than genuine research and educational purposes; or

(iii) exploit the audio recordings or video recordings comprised in the AusTalk Corpus in a commercial manner, other than in accordance with these Licence Terms.

4. AusTalk Corpus de-identified

You acknowledge that the AusTalk Corpus data has been de-identified and you will not attempt to identify or attribute any recordings contained in the AusTalk Corpus to any individual.

5. Attribution of the AusTalk Corpus

When you access, use, reproduce, exploit or make reference in publications to the AusTalk Content, you will attribute the ownership of the AusTalk Content to us by referring to the following published paper referenced below or as otherwise notified by us to you:

Burnham, D., Estival, D., Fazio, S., Viethen, J. Cox, J., Dale, R., Cassidy, S., Epps, J., Togneri, R., Wagner, M., Kinoshita, Y., Göcke, R., Arciuli, J., Onslow. M., Lewis, T., Butcher, A., & Hajek, J. (2011) Building an audio-visual corpus of Australian English: large corpus collection with an economical portable and replicable Black Box. Proceedings of 12th Annual Conference of the International Speech Communication Association (Interspeech, 2011), ISSN 1990-9772, pp 841-844

6. Accuracy of information

(a) We do not represent or make any warranty in respect of the accuracy, reliability, completeness, currency or continuous supply of any of the AusTalk Content or the Research Materials.

(b) The AusTalk Content and Research Materials are provided on an "as is " basis. We do not warrant that the AusTalk Content or Research Materials will be free from errors or that they will be suitable for any purpose required by you.

(c) We accept no responsibility or liability for any circumstances that may arise as a result of anything stated or inferred in, or from, the AusTalk Content or the Research Materials on this Site, or their use.

7. Termination

(a) We may terminate your licence to use and reproduce all or any part of the AusTalk Content or Research Materials immediately if you commit a breach of any of these Licence Terms.

(b) On termination of your licence to use the AusTalk Content and Research Materials, you must immediately cease using them and delete or otherwise destroy or return to us all copies of the AusTalk Content that you have in your possession, custody or control and remove the AusTalk Content from
any materials that you have created from the AusTalk Content.